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General Third Party Liability


Who is the insurance intended for?

This insurance is intended for legal entities, sole proprietors and individuals carrying out specific activity.

What risks does the insurance cover?

The cover comprises the insured person’s (including managing bodies of the insured, their substitutes and members of collective managing bodies, as well as the employees of all staff categories working under employment contracts) third party liability for property and non-property damages caused to third persons during or in relation to carrying out an activity. 

The cover is specified in the following clauses:

  • Employer’s Liability clause: this clause covers the insured person’s liability in their capacity of employer in relation to the compensations they should pay under the Labour Code to their workers and employees for damages due to occupational accident that has occurred during the term of validity of the insurance or in relation to the performance of work assigned by them or of any kind of work performed without their instructions but in their interest, as well as during the break time in the enterprise. It also covers the insured person’s liability when the occupational accident is caused by insurmountable force (force majeure).
  • Liability for the Activity clause: this clause covers the insured person’s liability for damages to property and/or body injuries (including death) of third persons caused by them as a result of or due to the carrying out of the insured activity, as well as due to the possession, management and use of premises.
  • Liability for the Product clause: this clause covers the insured person’s liability for body injury (including death) and/or damages to third persons’ property caused by their products. The insurance premium depends on the amount of the sales turnover and the type of the products, the territorial scope of the cover, the agreed deductible and the chosen limits of liability.
  • Tenant’s Liability clause: this clause covers the insured person’s liability for any property damages caused by them to buildings and/or premises used by them by virtue of a lease contract.
  • Hotel and Restaurant Manager’s Liability clause: this clause covers the insured person’s liability for property damages and/or body injuries (including death) suffered by their clients and/or visitors that have occurred as a result of services provided by them falling within the scope of the hotel and/or restaurant management business in their own or leased site.
  • Third Party Liability related to the Possession and Use of a Firearm clause
    The insurance is intended for:
    • Legal entities and sole proprietors carrying out security activity with the use of fire arms;
    • Employees of legal entities who use fire arms for security activities;
    • Individuals who use fire arms for self-defence;
    • Other individuals and legal entities that possess and/or use fire arms for cultural, hunting and sports purposes.

This clause covers the third party liability of the above persons for any property and non-property damages caused by them during the term of validity of the insurance, in relation to the use of fire arms for carrying out security activity, security and self-defence.


  • Transport Companies’ Liability clause /to verify financial stability/ Insured persons may be individuals and legal entities registered as traders who hold a license for carriage of passengers and cargo.
    The availability of such insurance is required by Regulation (ЕC) No. 1071/2009 of the European Parliament that stipulates the amendments in Ordinance No. 11 of 31.10.2002 on international road carriage of passengers and cargo and Ordinance No. 33 of 03.11.1999 on public transport of passengers and cargo on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Individuals’ Liability clause:
    The cover under this clause relates to the insured person’s liability in their capacity of head of family, employer of individuals working in the household, owner of domestic animals and bees, a person practicing sports activities.

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