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Advice for your application


The selection proccess

Our selection process is about getting to know each other.

When you apply to join us, we will use a wide range of tools to assess your skills, background and personality, ranging from interviews to assessment centres. This will help us understand if we are the right fit for one other, and if the role you have applied for is right for you.

Application tips

Like most large employers, we receive many applications. Making yours stand out and differentiating yourself from the other candidates requires careful reflection on your skills and on how well they match the role you are applying for. Here are some points to consider:

  • make sure you complete your application fully and correctly. Ensure that you’ve presented clear evidence that you possess all the qualities and skills we require
  • make sure your arguments are relevantfocused and truthful
  • think of the person reviewing your application. Break long sections into shorter paragraphs and develop the details of your answer
  • make sure you are applying for a role that suits your qualifications and background
  • we are interested in what you’ve done, but we are especially interested in what you’ve achieved and learned
  • always reflect and re-write before completing your application online
  • check grammar and spelling, and get someone to proofread your application