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Alternative treatment

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT Insurance Package covers the costs of healthcare services and / or goods resulting from illness or accident and related to unconventional methods used to protect the individual health, as well as some goods and services excluded from cover by the General Conditions of Medical Insurance=
The package is concluded as an additional cover under the Medical Insurance "Zakrila" with concluded the packages: Outpatient care, Hospital care and Reimbursement of medical goods.

Insurance cover

  • Unconventional physical methods: contact massages of the body or its parts, incl. "Kinesitherapy", "chiropractic", "bowling therapy"; thermal sources for action on individual areas of the skin or suction cups; a magnetic field created by permanent magnets
  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Iris, pulse and auricular methods of study
  • Dietetics and healing starvation
  • Homeopathy
  • Non-medicinal products of organic and / or mineral origin: food supplements; immunostimulators; preparations registered as medical devices and pharmaceutical forms prepared by the magistral and pharmacopoeial formula (extemporal forms).

Why to purchase the Alternative treatment package?

  • By completing the additional package, your employees can freely use all the options that are offered to favor health, either "traditional" or "alternative".
  • Increasing the level of awareness of the process of self-care and protection of your financial interests in obtaining health services and goods.
  • Cover costs for prescription medications that are registered as nutritional supplements.

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