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Classic Accident

Who is the insurance intended for?

The insurance is intended for individuals who may make individual insurances, insurances for the members of their family/ household, or for a group of individuals.

What risks does the insurance cover?

  • Death due to an accident
  • Long-term disability due to an accident
  • Temporary disability due to an accident
  • Fractures due to an accident
  • Burnings due to an accident
  • Surgical treatment due to an accident
  • Medical expenses due to an accident
  • Expenses for funeral in case of death due to an accident 
  • Daily allowances for hospital stay due to an accident
  • Post-hospitalization recovery due to accident for more than 3 days
  • Dental care due to an accident
  • Medication expenses due to an accident
  • Expenses for ambulance transportation/ repatriation due to an accident

The insurance cover is valid 24 hours a day for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, unless otherwise agreed and upon payment of additional insurance premium.

Why should I insure with Generali?

  • Different levels of cover, depending on your budget
  • Insurance without medical evaluation of the risk
  • Quick, easy and convenient issue of insurance policies through an online platform

Buy insurances

Take advantage of the newest fully online Accident Insurance product on www.online.generali.bg. You can get your insurance by e-mail and print it out by yourself. Of course, all you need is to spend a minute to enter your details and to pay for the insurance.

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