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Who is the insurance intended for?

This insurance may be concluded with Bulgarian and/or foreign citizens residing on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

What risks does the insurance cover?

The insurance’s main cover comprises:

  • Medical Expenses clause – we cover the medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident or acute disease suffered by you while travelling abroad
  • Repatriation Expenses clause – we cover the expenses for your repatriation in case of an accident or acute disease if your medical condition allows this
  • Expenses for Transportation of Mortal Remains clause
  • Visit to a spouse, relative or a close relative clause – if you have been hospitalized abroad for more than a week due to an accident or acute disease, we will cover the travel expenses of a person you have designated (spouse, relative or a close relative) who wants to visit you
  • Return of Children clause – if you suffer an accident or acute disease, we will cover the expenses for the return of your children in Bulgaria, and if needed, we will organize them to be accompanied through an assistance company
  • Phone Call Expenses clause – if you have been hospitalized due to an accident or acute disease while travelling abroad, we will reimburse your phone call expenses from a phone of the hospital establishment.

In addition you can insure yourself for:

  • Accident clause – it ensures financial stability in case of death, long-term disability or reduced capacity to work as a result of an accident
  • Personal Liability clause – it ensures insurance protection in case you cause damages to third persons while traveling abroad and if your third party liability is incurred due to such damage
  • Legal Assistance clause – it covers the expenses for attorney’s fees for legal assistance and defence during a court proceeding initiated against you while travelling abroad
  • Secure Home clause – it gives you the opportunity to protect your home against robbery of your movable property while you are abroad
  • Stay Shortening or Prolongation clause – you will be compensated for extraordinary expenses in case you have to return to Bulgaria or prolong your stay abroad due to an accident, disease, death of your relative, etc.
  • Personal Luggage clause – it provides protection for your luggage in case of loss or burglary while travelling abroad
  • Secure Wallet clause – it provides compensation in case of loss or theft of your personal documents (passport, ID card, driving license), credit and/or debit cards while travelling abroad, including for any subsequent non-compensated losses due to unauthorized use of your cards. Furthermore, if you do not have any tender available in such case, the assistance company will grant you a loan when a person designated by you deposits to us an amount equal to the loan
  • Hijacking clause – we will compensate you for incurred medical expenses as a result of your hijacking or being kept as a hostage
  • Missed Event clause – if due to an accident or acute disease you have suffered, due to death of your close relative, spouse, or the person that has accompanied you during your travel you miss an event abroad (concert, sports event, etc.) we will reimburse the price of the ticket you have bought for such event.

In addition to the main and additional covers, we would like to offer you the following packages of special covers:

  • FLIGHT package – if you choose this package, you will be compensated for extraordinary expenses (hotel, food, drinks and medicines) or for essentials (clothes, shoes, etc.) incurred while travelling abroad by flight, as a result of cancellation of a regular flight, missing of connection fling, delay or loss of checked luggage;
  • ON THE ROAD package – if you choose this package, you will be compensated if during your road trip abroad you incur extraordinary expenses for hotel accommodation in case of a car accident, expenses for filling wrong fuel, loss of your car key or in case you suffer a car accident and need legal assistance and payment of your bail for being released;
  • SKI AND SNOWBOARD package – if you have decided to ski or snowboard abroad, we recommend you this package that will provide you with insurance protection against robbery or loss of your ski equipment, including for the rent of substitute equipment in such cases; losses due to unused and prepaid ski package (lift card, ski equipment rent and/or ski school charge) due to an accident or acute disease you have suffered, as well as expenses for your search and rescue in the mountain.

What actions should I undertake upon occurrence of an insurance event?

In case of accident or acute disease you can call the warning center of ЕUROP ASSISTANCE – Hungary (contact phone and fax numbers are specified on the inside cover of your policy). If you do not speak any foreign language or feel any kind of difficulties, you can contact Generali Insurance, tel.: +359 2 92 67 222, fax: + 359 2 92 67 402, CALL CENTЕR - 0800 12 712 (toll free telephone line for the whole country)

The assistance company will confirm the cover of expenses and will make a direct payment to the healthcare establishment.

Why should I insure with Generali?

  • You get insurance protection for tourism and business trips, work and study abroad
  • Great variety of insurance covers
  • MULTITRIP annual policies – convenient and beneficial for frequent travellers abroad
  • Competitive tariff conditions
  • We offer 24 hours assistance service by the assistance company ЕUROP ASSISTANCE at any place of the world
  • Quick and high quality service during claim settlement
  • Quick, easy and convenient issue of insurance policies through an online platform

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