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What is subject to insurance?

Immovable property

  • Residential buildings, including their inbuilt installations (gas, electricity, telephone, water piping, heating, sewage, fire extinguishing, fire alarm, alarm, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.);
  • Auxiliary and agricultural buildings;
  • Outdoor facilities – fences, supporting props, walls, swimming pools, bowers, separately constructed barbeques and outdoor ovens within the borders of the property.  

Movable property

  • Furnishing – furniture, carpets, fitted carpets, curtains, all types of bed coverings and blankets, blinds, luminaires, faience, heating devices and other chalets, such as clothes, shoes, books, etc.;
  • Equipment and appliances – white and brown products, boilers, computers, video games and consoles, fixed telephones, alarm systems, SOT (alarm and security equipment), video surveillance cameras, cameras, portable computers, tablets and other similar devices;

The following may be insured under special conditions:

  • Instruments, tools and household repairs equipment;
  • Money, jewellery, securities, cheques, watches;
  • Valuable items stored in safes or metal boxes that are permanently fixed to walls or floors;
  • Works of art, goblins, philatelic, numismatic and other collections, items of antique value, expensive leathers and leather items;
  • Music instruments, audio and video tapes and CDs, books and manuscripts of antique value;
  • Bicycles, hunting and fishing equipment and other hobby and sports facilities, toys;
  • Gas, oil-fired boilers or solid fuel boilers, solar batteries and satellite antennas, etc.

What risks does the insurance cover?

Main cover:

  • Fire, thunder, explosion, implosion, falling of piloted air craft, its parts or cargo 
  • Cleaning expenses 

Additional covers:

  • Storm, hail, heavy rain, snow, ice, freezing and sea waves 
  • Flood as a result of natural disasters 
  • Sliding or collapse and underground water 
  • Earthquake  
  • Water and steam leakage 
  • Hit by a motor vehicle or animal 
  • Short circuit and current rush 
  • Vandalism
  • Glass breaking
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Theft with the use of a technical device 
  • Third party liability to third persons 

The insurance cover further comprises:

  • Expenses for moving, protection and storage of insured property until remedying the consequences of the event.
  • Expenses for hotel accommodation or home lease for temporary use – up to BGN 40,00 per person and up to BGN 400,00 for all members of the insured person’s family per day, for maximum stay of up to 3 days.

How are the insurance amount and insurance premium defined?

The insurance amount of the property is defined by the insured person and it should not exceed the property’s recoverable amount. Generali Insurance liability is limited up to the recoverable amount of the property with the frames of the insurance amount.

The recoverable amount is the price for the recovery of the insured property with new property of the same type and quality, including all expenses for delivery, construction, installation, etc., without applying impairment.

The insurance premium is defined as a percentage of the insurance amount, according to the tariff of Generali Insurance applicable to this type of insurance and depending on the type of the insured property, the agreed scope of cover and the specific risk factors.

Why should I insure with Generali?

  • We offer quick and easy option to make a policy for your home and the property therein, without unnecessary formalities;
  • We offer varied combinations of covered risks, depending on the client’s individual needs;
  • All improvements within the insured home and every newly acquired property (furniture, equipment and appliances) will be considered automatically insured, without payment of additional premium, within the agreed insurance amount.
  • You get professional service upon filing a claim.

Mission: Secure Home for our Children

BGN 1 of every Home Package Policy sold is allocated to support the Family House Project of For our Children Foundation, where abandoned babies find real care and love.

We believe that with our joint support, we will prevent more children from getting into social homes and will help them to live in a family while feeling happy and loved.

You can find more information about Family House on www.detebg.org

If you prefer to choose the covered risks by yourself and to specify defined insurance amounts, you can make an individual Home Property Insurance, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

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