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Household Package Insurance

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Who is the insurance intended for?

The insurance is intended for Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities who have the opportunity to insure their immovable and movable property located on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

What is subject to insurance?

Immovable property from BGN 10,000 to BGN 150,000 comprising:

  • Residential buildings
  • Auxiliary and agricultural buildings
  • Outdoor facilities

Movable property from BGN 4,500 to BGN 30,000 comprising:

  • Furnishing – furniture, faience, floorings, curtains, blankets, blinds, luminaires, heating devices, other chalets such as clothes, shoes, books, etc.
  • Equipment and appliances – white and brown products, boilers, computers, video games and consoles, fixed telephones, alarm systems, SOT (alarm and security equipment), video surveillance cameras, cameras, portable computers, tablets and other similar devices.

What risks does the insurance cover?

Insurance cover

Covered risk


  • Fire and fire extinguishment consequences, thunder, explosion, implosion, falling of piloted air craft, its parts or cargo
  • Expenses for cleaning, removal and transportation of debris, ruins and remains of insured property
  • Storm, hail, heavy rain, snow, ice, freezing and sea waves. Flood due to natural disasters
  • Water and steam leakage from tanks, pipe installations and the appliances connected thereto, and as a result of taps and faucets forgotten open


In addition to the risks covered by the Standard Package, we further cover:

  • Sliding or collapse of earth masses and damages due to the effect of underground water
  • Earthquake


In addition to the risks covered by the Extended Package, we further cover:

  • Vandalism
  • Glass breaking
  • Burglary of movable property
  • Robbery of movable property

The insurance cover further comprises:

  • Expenses for moving, protection and storage of insured property until remedying the consequences of the event.
  • Expenses for hotel accommodation or home lease for temporary use – up to BGN 40,00 per person and up to BGN 400,00 for all members of the insured person’s family per day, for maximum stay of up to 3 days.

In addition to each of the package covers, you can include the following covered risks:

  • Short circuit and current rush
  • Theft with the use of a technical device 
  • Third party liability to third parties as a result of occurred covered event

Why should I insure with Generali?

  • We offer you to make the insurance without prior inventory list and evaluation of the property.
  • All improvements within the insured home and every newly acquired property (furniture, equipment and appliances) will be considered automatically insured, without payment of additional premium, within the agreed insurance amount.
  • In case of an insurance event, the compensation is defined as the amount needed for recovery of the property with new property of the same type and quality, including all pertaining expenses for delivery, construction, installation, etc., without applying impairment of agreed limits of liability.

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