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Motor Assistance for Europe


Who is the insurance intended for?

This insurance is intended for individuals and legal entities – owners of passenger’s cars with up to 9 seats, and trucks with total weight of up to 3,5 t, as well as for the passengers travelling in the motor vehicles upon occurrence of the insurance event.

Why should I insure with Generali?

  • If you travel in Europe by car, Generali Insurance will take care for your peace of mind by ensuring 24 hours road assistance for the failed car and its passengers.
  • By making the Motor Assistance for Europe Insurance, you can rely on the quick reaction of the 24 hours Assistance Center of Generali Insurance that will provide you the required road assistance.
  • The price of the insurance is relatively lower in combination with other insurances from the Motor Care Package – ask to make sure!

Download Files

ИДЗП_Автомобилен асистанс за Европа.pdf 1.1mb  
Общи условия по застраховка Автомобилен Асистанс за Европа в сила от 14 01 2019.pdf 2.26mb