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Motor Care Package

For all of its current and prospect clients Generali Insurance has developed a special package of motor insurances – MOTOR CARE. Motor Care Package offers insurances related to you and your car and provides you with even greater discounts for every subsequent insurance. You save time, money and get security and protection through an individual or combined policy with insurances at your own choice:

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

Upon making a Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, Generali Insurance will pay compensation for property and non-property damages caused to third persons as a result of a car accident.

To buy Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, please visit www.online.generali.bg

Motor Assistance for Bulgaria

Depending on your individual needs, we offer you three programs – Standard, Mega, Luxury, that will help you on the road in case of technical failure, flat tyre, or car accident.

Motor Assistance for Europe

If you travel abroad, this insurance gives you a full range of services that will ensure peace of mind during your holiday or business trip.

Accident of Passengers

With this insurance you get insurance protection against unfavourable consequences due to a car accident related to the life and health of the passengers in the motor vehicle /including the driver/. This insurance is valid for the territory of the whole world upon client’s request.

Accident of Passengers in Public Transport Vehicles

Upon making the obligatory Accident of Passengers in Public Transport Vehicles Insurance, Generali Insurance will pay compensation for suffered accident and resulting death or long-term disability of passengers travelling in the public transport vehicles or those being in the immediate vicinity before getting on and after getting off the vehicle.

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