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Time to sail!

Successful first edition of the Generali Cup regatta!

In early October, the Barcolana regatta was held for the Generali Cup in the Gulf of Trieste. The competition was attended by over 50 employees of the group with excellent knowledge of sailing. We at Generali Insurance AD are proud that part of this successful competition was also Mr. Stanislav Bonev, Chief Expert at the Special Claims Department. Stanislav and his team with boat №2 performed wonderfully on both races, taking the seventh place on Saturday, and on Sunday 405th of a total of 2,100 boats.

Congratulations to Andrea Micalli (Italy - Assicurazioni Generali GHO), Davide Sancin (Italy - G.B.S.), Adam Mikulik (Czech Republich - Českápojišťovna), Anna Fonda (Italy - Assicurazioni Generali GHO)and Pablo Cesar Conqueira (Argentina - CajadeAhorro ySeguro), the winning team of the first edition of the Generali Cup. The regatta, reserved for Generali employees,took place on October 7 in the Gulf of Trieste as part of the Barcolanaevents.

The 50 Generali sailors selected from 20 Countries - from nearby Slovenia, to 
far-away Argentina - enjoyed two days of sailing and fun in Trieste, combining the 
thrill of the competition with breath-taking nature and an extraordinary turnout at sea and on land. 
Passion, stamina and collaboration were the main characteristics demonstrated in the sailors. Many of our colleagues had the chance to discover the Gulf’s special racing area, the J70 boat used in the race, and meet each other for the first time.
The ten highly-skilled teams took part infour exciting races on Saturday for the Generali Cup, until a final battlebetween helmsmen Andrea Micalli and Gianfranco Noè (Italy – Assicurazioni Generali) led to the former's victoryin the race. Micalli and the team sailed the boat into a favourable wind pattern to gain ground on their colleagues, sailing directly towards the podium

The first three teams, led by helmsmen Andrea Micalli, Gianfranco Noè and Paolo Micucci (Italy – GRE), were awarded by the Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali, Gabriele Galateri, the Group Chief Financial Officer, Luigi Lubelli, and the World Cup Alpine ski champion Federica Brignone during an official ceremony organized by Barcolana.
It was time for the spectacular Barcolana on Sunday with more than 2,100 boats. Generali teams obtained great results: Gianfranco Noè and Axel Pospischil (Germany - Generali Deutschland Services GmbH) with their teams ranked respectively second and third in the J70 category.

Along with the intense competition sessions, the sailors also had fun. Their collaborative approach was evident both in and out of the harbour, with new friendships being formed. The Generali Cup not only promoted relationship building between participants, but also cemented their great team spirit and ensured happy memories for all.

We are already looking forward to the second edition.  Stay tuned for the next Generali Cup in October 2018, as part of the 50th edition of Barcolana.