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Generali Bulgaria joined the nationwide campaign „Let’s Clean Bulgaria in One Day!”

14 May 2012

The ambition of the global movement "Let's Do It World!" is we all together to make the world a cleaner, more comfortable and greener place. For 4 years experience “To clean your country for one day" initiative is officially embraced by many countries.

On May 12, 2012 more than 300 000 volunteers in Bulgaria, who were not motivated by compulsion or money, but only by the wish to do something good, joined the global initiative "Let's Do It World”, part of the World Cleanup 2012 civic action series. The goal of the action is to not just gather the garbage but to raise the awareness of the communities in the matters of garbage, voluntarism and environmental issues in general.

The employees of Generali Bulgaria’ Head Office in Sofia embraced the initiative and enthusiastically participated in the cleanup united by the cause not only to make Bulgaria cleaner, but to demonstrate their responsible attitude towards nature and environment.  They cleaned up the area near the Head Office and the alleys towards their workplace. The Eco-campaign started at 10 a.m. and was attended by over 170 employees, who managed to collect more than 300 bags of waste.