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Generali with innovative risk assessment solution - unmanned aerial vehicle (dronе)


Generali Insurance AD ​​is the first company on the Bulgarian insurance market, which since the beginning of 2016  uses an innovative method for evaluate the risk and the insurance damages in property, technical and agricultural insurances  with a drone. After a successful international project,  droneshexcopter is chosen and bought  for the purpose of insurance. A company employee is certified and trained abroad to operate the machine.

At the discretion of the insurance experts are investigated and captured  properties, crops, buildings, machinery, facilities and others.

In case of terrain research and  evaluation the damages in the agricultural lands caused by natural disasters, specialized software is used to create a flight mission, according to predefined GPS coordinates, as well as for the processing of the captured material, creation of orthophotomaps and damage analysis and their share.

The advantages of the modern high-tech method of risk evaluation and for determining and assessing the claims are many. From the support of processes such as quick and easy recording of agricultural lands or buildings, high accuracy and optimization in liquidation and acquisition, easy and accurate identification of agricultural land, objectivity in the activity, to a high competitiveness on the insurance market.

Despite the above, the innovation does not replace the expertise of the employees of Generali Insurance AD, it assists their work by accelerating the processes and the quality of the insurance services.

Generali Group is an Italian group independent since 1831 with a strong international presence. It is among the world's leading insurers.In 2015 Generali it’s the only insurance company included in the MIT Technology Review for the 50 smarter companies in the world. Generali Insurance AD is a favorite brand of consumers in the category "Insurance companies and brokers" for 2016 and 2017.

Generali Insurance AD operates through more than 180 offices across the country. For the better service and facilitation of the liquidation process, the company also have 15 liquidation centers throughout the country. Our products are offered by over 1,200 insurance agents and over 300 insurance brokers. The precisely built sales network  together with the offices for liquidation activity enable to provide fast and quality service to the clients and to fulfill the responsibilities assumed by the company under the concluded contracts.