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Generali Insurance AD donated smiles and a successful start to children in need!


Generali believes that support for the children of Bulgaria is a top priority for the company because investment in future and in better life begins with our children. We are thinking of them and growing up with them.

Generali Insurance supports the belief that every child, regardless of his background, ethnicity and social status, deserves a happy childhood! That’s  why, together with our employees, we are happy to invest time and money to children at risk.

Generali's goal is to help children in a difficult stage in their lives. Generali aims to create a chain of positive change that knows no boundaries.

September 15th is a special day for all children and their parents. For a part of the socially disadvantaged families, this is a holiday that they meet  with worry because they can’t  buy everything for school.

The employes of Generali Insurance AD helped these children by providing school backpacks, clothes and a variety of accessories for the new school year. All the gifts were specially selected for the individual needs of each of the 26 children. Families will therefore welcome the first day of school without worries, but with a smile and enthusiasm thanks to the employees of Generali as well as the company itself.

Extreme excitement sparked the presence of the world champion Yordan Yovchev, who shared with the children special moments of his career and encouraged them to work actively to grow strong and healthy.

Generali Insurance AD ​​wishes a successful school year to all and many excellent marks!